Monday, 27.02.2017 | Socio Economic | Event

Solidarity Road: The Story of a Trade Union in the Ending of Apartheid

South African trade unions played a key role in the struggle against apartheid. They mobilized workers from various racial backgrounds, and united them in order to challenge subjugation in the authoritarian apartheid political economy.


Friday, 24.02.2017 - Saturday, 25.02.2017 - Johannesburg | Promoting Democracy and Civil Participation | Event

Train the Trainer

YouthLab has a focus on capacity development of young people, youth and development practitioners and decision–makers. Using participatory methodologies Youth Lab hosts workshops with young people in communities and organisations.


Thursday, 21.07.2016 - Friday, 22.07.2016 | International Relations | Event

Reviewing A Decade Of The EU-South Africa Strategic Partnership

In 2007, the EU-South Africa Strategic partnership was launched. Aimed at strengthening relations between the two, a number of high-level meetings took place under its rubric.


30.05.2016 | Promoting Democracy and Civil Participation | Event

The Millennial Dialogue | South Africa Survey Results 2016

The Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS), in partnership with the Global Progressive Forum (GPF), recently commissioned a study to better understand the political attitudes of young people, aged between 15 – 35 years in three African…


Friday, 06.05.2016 - Saturday, 07.05.2016 - Women’s Gaol Atrium | Promoting Democracy and Civil Participation, International Relations | Event

Conference "Foundations of the Supreme Law: 20th Anniversary of the Constitution"

On May 8, 1996, a two year mandate came to its fulfillment when the Constitutional Assembly successfully finalized a draft of a new constitution which was signed by Nelson Mandela into law on December 18, 1996.


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