Renewal of political culture

New Beginnings

New Beginnings 

Sikelelwa Maqhina

The artwork titled new beginnings is based on the renewal of gender inequalities and challenges to patriarchy; it is a positive result of renewal that clearly depicts the representation of a renewed narrative of normalized gender inequalities in our communities. The artwork depicts a woman carrying vegetables and a man carrying a child on his back, which is unusual because typically, women are the ones who carry children on their backs even when they are doing other chores. Normally, women carry a lot of burdens; both men and women go to work, but women must still perform their domestic duties tirelessly. In most cases, women must care for their children, cook for their families, clean the house, prepare for their husbands, and ensure that everything runs smoothly in the house while the "head of the house," which is the man, does not assist in any of these activities, consequently making the man superior to the woman. Superiority is then applied in other areas of life, which is why there are so many cases of gender-based violence because men think they are superior to women. If there would be renewal in gender inequalities and patriarchy, men would be held accountable and we would have a great conducive environment in our communities because there would be unity. If renewal could be initiated in households it could also change the mentality and behaviour of men towards women generally. This renewal has the potential to lead to equality in workplaces, positions, and politics; it all begins with being considerate of the person next to you.

Sikelelwa Maqhina

Sikelelwa Maqhina is a multi-disciplined artist who is currently studying Fine Arts at the University of Fort Hare, she was born and bred in Mthatha, Eastern cape. After she matriculated at Zamukulugisa High School, she found her passion in art when she went to Lovedale college where she was a top achiever student in the category of national certificate in art and design. She was always encouraged by the strong support that she got from her family.  In 2022 she got accepted at the University of Fort Hare to study Fine Arts, where she got to be exposed and nurtured by Dr Potelwa and Mr Mama consequently, she was the top achiever in her class as a first year student at the University of Fort hare as well through her hard work and consistency. She has taken part in projects such as commission drawings including a portrait of Dr Nthabi Taole Mjimba who is an MEC member at the University of Fort Hare. The work she creates is inspired by her surroundings and social issues. The focal point in her art is telling the untold stories, evoking emotions that relate to social issues and being the voice for the voiceless through the medium of visual arts. She strongly believes that art is therapeutic, it has the ability to bring peace and healing, not only for her but also for those who experience her art.


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