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Indoda ayikhali

Indoda ayikhali

Lukho Dyongo

The title of my artwork is "indoda ayikhali" meaning a man does not cry. Whoever coined these phrases misled men because crying is a biological response to any kind of emotional stimulus. So, why do people believe that crying or expressing emotions is only reserved for women? Why do guys not cry? Don't we have the same flash and blood as women? Don’t we get emotional too when we are hurting? Men don’t cry because they are constantly told to "stop sobbing and be a man," "don’t cry like a lady," and similar phrases as they grow up. Boys get the false and harmful notion that expressing their feelings devalues them slightly as they grow older.

Men do have feelings, too, even if they aren’t crying when watching a sad movie or breaking down after a breakup. It doesn’t imply that they have a problem, but it clearly indicates that a lot is wrong with society and the expectations it has of males. Because of our culture’s obsession with the ideal alpha male, we often forget that crying is completely normal and has nothing to do with gender. The creator/s of these phrases should come out and express their regret for deceiving men, as this has been an issue for years. Men’s tendency to treat women differently when their emotions are suppressed has led to an unending number of women being killed as a result of gender-based violence. So yes, men must scream for Help.

Dyongo Lukho

Dyongo Lukho is a master’s student born in a small town called Idutywa under the Eastern Cape province. He started art as a self-taught artist at the age of 12 when he was still doing grade 6. It was in 2013 when his family started to support and motivate him about his skill as they always thought that art was just a passing phase. Lukho is best known for his pencil realism and painting which depicts social realism. Since it was hard for Lukho as a self-taught artist, after completing his master’s degree Lukho wants to teach art to those who are willing to learn to be it if they have a skill of art not. Lukho’s long-term goal is to open a gallery.


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