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21.05.2024 | Socio Economic | Voices
Racial redress is essential for inclusive development
This year marks 30 years since the country transitioned to a democratic political system, which aims to preserve fundamental rights for all.  
17.05.2024 | Democracy and Political Culture | Event
MISTRA Coalitions Barometer 2021–2023: Lessons for the National and Provincial Sphere
The quests for outright majorities by relatively big parties, and efforts to establish ‘kingmaker status’ by smaller ones, reflect their experiences of the current milieu.  
09.05.2024 | Voices
How political parties plan to tackle unemployment
This generation is ahead of its parents in many respects, and armed with this knowledge must ensure SA heads in the right direction  
4. Gutting of democracy goes beyond corrupt political interests  
Some argue that today’s democracies have competing constituencies: markets on the one hand and the people on the other. (By Phindile Kunene)  
5. How UNDP-SA, FES and SALGA contribute to the discourse on coalition governance in SA  
With the announcement of the 2024 national and provincial elections by President Cyril Ramaphosa setting the stage for a pivotal moment in South Africa's democratic journey, the nation's political…  
13.02.2024 | Democracy and Political Culture | Highlights, News
State of Coalition Governments in the 70 municipalities with no clear winner in 2021
What is the state of coalition governments in the 70 municipalities where there was no clear winner in the 2021 local government elections?  
08.02.2024 | Democracy and Political Culture | Event, News
Strengthening Inclusive Coalition Governance for Effective, Efficient, and Transformative Service Delivery
Building on the discussions from the National Dialogue on Coalition Governments and enriched by the critical insights from MISTRA’s Coalitions Barometer.  
30.01.2024 | Democracy and Political Culture | Publication, News
Party politics and relentless office-seeking behaviour are crucial factors in reducing the functionality of coalition governments, and so the Barometer research project and this summary focus first…  
30.01.2024 | Democracy and Political Culture | Publication, News
Youth voices on Democracy Ideals
“We want a corruption-free future where there is no racism or exploitation of young graduates. A future where youth take the driver’s seat and lead us to a better tomorrow.”  
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