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08.02.2024 | Democracy and Political Culture | Event, News
Strengthening Inclusive Coalition Governance for Effective, Efficient, and Transformative Service Delivery
Building on the discussions from the National Dialogue on Coalition Governments and enriched by the critical insights from MISTRA’s Coalitions Barometer.  
30.01.2024 | Democracy and Political Culture | Publication, News
Party politics and relentless office-seeking behaviour are crucial factors in reducing the functionality of coalition governments, and so the Barometer research project and this summary focus first…  
30.01.2024 | Democracy and Political Culture | Publication, News
Youth voices on Democracy Ideals
“We want a corruption-free future where there is no racism or exploitation of young graduates. A future where youth take the driver’s seat and lead us to a better tomorrow.”  
4. Privacy Policy  
Privacy Policy The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung e.V. attaches the utmost importance to the protection of your personal data. It strictly adheres to the legal provisions governing the permissibility of…  
24.07.2023 | Socio Economic | Event
Rethinking Economics for Africa Festival 2023
The REFA Festival is back to challenge economic orthodoxies, unpack economic heterodoxies, & to shake-up the economics discipline in Africa.  
06.06.2023 | Internationalism and future of multilateralism | Event
How solid is our common ground?
Living room conversation on Building progressive internationalism - conversations about fractured realities  
06.06.2023 | Internationalism and future of multilateralism | Event
South African Foreign Policy Review – Discussion
Catalysts to South Africa’s international engagement and image, A South African Foreign Policy Review Vol. 4 discussion with the Institute for Global Dialogue (IGD)  
8. Socio-economic Redistribution and the Just Transitions in South Africa  
Low-carbon and digital economy transitions are set to change South Africa’s political economy and social structure. We need effective regulatory and social protection systems to cushion the working…  
9. Chris Hani’s black Marxism  
Chris Hani’s legacy is often reduced to debates about his tragic death in April 1993, but his significance goes beyond South Africa’s democratic transition. (by Dr. Khwezi Mabasa)  
10. Basic income grant modelling shows how to do it as a boost to the economy  
It is outdated economic thinking that the country cannot afford BIGs (by Gilad Isaacs, Neil Coleman and Kelle Howson)  
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