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28.10.2020 | Socio Economic | Event, News

A webinar on a decent standard of living and the importance of multidimensional poverty measurement in the COVID- 19 recovery of South Africa hosted by SPII and FES.

As we concentrate national initiatives on Covid-19 recovery, the systemic eradication of poverty must be the greatest priority, or reconstruction…


15.10.2020 | Socio Economic | News

Just Us and the Climate - Climate Justice Coalition

Climate change back down to earth & show how it’s not only a crisis, but an opportunity to build a better more just world.


| Promoting Democracy and Civil Participation | Event, News

FES UP Winter School on Social Democracy and Civic Participation for Young Leaders

Half day web-seminar hosted by the University of Pretoria (UP) in partnership with the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES).


26.08.2020 | Promoting Democracy and Civil Participation | News

Web-Seminar – ‘Rethinking Corruption’!

Corruption remains a major challenge to democracy in South Africa. The Covid 19 pandemic has seen an escalation of media reports on corruption,…


12.08.2020 | Promoting Democracy and Civil Participation | Publication, News


A literature review informing critical policy choices report on the National Health Insurance


11.08.2020 | Promoting Democracy and Civil Participation | News

Evaluation of debt moratorium, a financial solution during the COVID-19 pandemic: The pros and cons

According to TransUnion’s research, almost eight in ten South Africans say their household income has been cut by the Covid-19 pandemic, while one in…


03.08.2020 | Promoting Democracy and Civil Participation | News

Do the economic consequences of Covid-19 advance or hinder the structural transformation in Africa?

The outbreak of COVID-19 halted daily economic activity in a way not seen before. As things stand, many companies are struggling to survive and this…


27.07.2020 | Promoting Democracy and Civil Participation | News

Covid 19 is a Hindrance to Economic Structural Transformation and Socially Guided Regional Trade.

Free trade in Africa was expected to boost intra-African trade from 18% to about 50% between now and the year 2030. The ACFTA is an obvious direct…


24.07.2020 | Socio Economic | Publication, News

Eskom Transformed: Achieving A Just Transition for South Africa

Before Covid-19 replaced Eskom’s crisis as the central issue facing the country, it was only unions and their very close allies that held a consistent…


23.07.2020 | Promoting Democracy and Civil Participation | News

South Africa’s City Surfers Ride Again

In effect, waste pickers subsidize South Africa’s entire recycling industry. The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research reports that they…


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