What tax systems tell us about Africa

Taxation and State-Society Relations in Sub-Saharan Africa: the cases of Cameroon, Mozambique and South Africa.

Understanding how revenue collection has functioned historically in three African countries.

By Alice Soares Guimar√£es, Federica Duca and Thatshisiwe Ndlovu.

Taxation is of central importance to modern societies, as it channels vital issues such as the individual's obligations to society; the powers and legitimacy of the state; the allocations of public and private resources; the rise of bureaucratic administration; and the reproduction of class, race, ethnic and gender inequalities. This three-year project seeks to understand how revenue collection has functioned historically in South Africa, Cameroon and Mozambique, and the character of state-society fiscal relations in these countries.

Date: 7 June 2018
Time: 17h30
Venue: Wits Club, West Campus, Wits University.

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