Thursday, 08.06.2017 - Friday, 09.06.2017 - The Fountains Hotel Cape Town

Invitation: young feminist roundtable on environmental justice 2017

Climate change and the need to move towards renewable forms of energy have long been at the forefront of both global and national agendas. Dominant discourses on climate change focus on two areas: reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to the effects of climate change. The global South, despite facing serious environmental and societal challenges as a result of climate change, finds itself marginalised in dominant discourses as the strategies outlined as part of the global climate change agenda do not account for their contexts and levels of capability.

While geography and global economies play an obvious role in the distribution of the effects of climate change, there are other intersections of experience that can exacerbate these effects. The question of gender is an extremely pertinent one, because, globally, women (especially poor women) tend to be among the most marginalised groups in society.


Youth Lab is hosting its Annual Young Feminist Roundtable on Environmental Justice, inviting young women working on gender justice and those working on climate change and renewable energy solutions to discuss the intersections between feminism and environmental justice in South Africa.


The invitation is extended to young women aged 18-35, who are interested in being part of a shared-learning and collaboration building workshop in Cape Town. We are looking for young women entrepreneurs, activists, academics and in public service to make this workshop an opportunity to rethink the ways that the agenda for environmental justice can be tackled through a gender sensitive lens. Youth Lab will cover all cost for participants including transport and accommodation.


The event details are as follows:

8th and 9th June 2017

Fountains Hotel, 1 St. Georges Mall, Cape Town
1 June 2017

RSVP to Pearl Pillay at 
pearl.pillay(at) or


Two day young feminist roundtable on environmental justice Goals 

  • To learn about feminism and climate change from experts
  • To discuss the work being done by participants
  • To discuss possibilities for partnerships going forward

The workshop will have 3 components: 

  1. Expert guest speakers on feminism and climate change/ renewable energy
  2. Ignite talks: 5 min talks by each participant to facilitate peer to peer learning of theory and practice in challenges and opportunities for young women in climate change and renewable energy work
  3. Strategic networking and collaborative thinking on innovations in climate change and renewable energy work through a feminist lens.

Day 1 – 8th June 2017

08:00 – 10:00: Arrival and registration

10:00 – 11:00: Introductions

11:00 - 13:00: Introduction to feminism – Tessa Dooms/Olawunmi Busari

14:00 – 15: 30: Ignite Talks (5 minutes to express their work/ideas)

15:30 – 17:00: Interactive workshop on intersections between gender and environmental justice

Looking at society and seeing what the most pressing intersections are between environmental issues and women’s lives 18:00 – 20:00: Dinner – sign up of for Communities of Practice the next morning

Top three themes from the interactive workshops

Day 2 – 9th June 2017

07:30 – 09:30: Structured networking breakfast

09:30 – 10:30: Ignite Talks

10:30 – 13:30: Emerging issues in climate change

Tasneem Essop – National Planning Commission

14:30 – 16:00: Strategic thinking on ways forward

Tessa Dooms


Criterion for participants

  • Headhunting young women working on climate change and renewable energy in various sectors
  • Different sectors (4/5 from public sector; 4/5 private sector; 4/5 academic spaces; 4/5 civil society)
  • Under 35 (preferably under 30)
  • Demonstrated link to work around gender or environmental justice
  • Most people from Cape Town


  • Max. 5 people flown in from other provinces
  • 10 people reimbursed for travel within the Western Cape o Accommodation for every participant for one night o Shuttles

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