Friday, 15.03.2019 - Wits, Hofmeyr House, next to Jubilee Hall, East Campus, Braamfontein (parking available at venue)

Invitation - 15 March- SWOP Breakfast Seminar- Carmen Ludwig on "Easy to replace? Decent work deficits and organising experiences of petrol attendants in Tshwane"

Although the retail fuel sector in South Africa is fast growing and highly labour intensive, little is known about filling stations as work places and the daily work experiences of petrol attendants. Together with the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) a research and organising project was conducted on decent work deficits at filling stations in Tshwane, workers` broader socio-economic situation, on union organisation and strike participation. The spread of workers across many, smaller workplaces and an overall hostile environment present challenges to union organisation. The presentation and comments by Numsa representatives will reflect on results of the project and on the ways in which a decent work questionnaire could serve as a useful tool for organising.

The SWOP Breakfast Seminar is a platform for sharing new SWOP research with stakeholders inside and outside of the university. Hofmeyr House is a venue that facilitates networking and lively discussion amongst all participants over a full breakfast.

We look forward to seeing you at this and forthcoming SWOP Breakfast Seminars! The full programme for the semester will be out soon. A poster for the seminar, as well as a map indicating the location of Hofmeyr House, are attached.

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